Game studies?

Video games are important, but how are they important, and why? When we attempt to answer these questions, we participate in what can be called Game Studies. The field of Game Studies is vigorously expanding in every direction, and brilliant people from many disciplines continually add to this discourse. In this blog, I’ll be exploring the wealth of information that has been generated by this burgeoning movement, reporting on the many methods and tools we can use to think about and discuss games, as well as positing my own insights and theories.

Of course, feedback is always welcome as it will lead to even more productive discussions about video games, which brings me to the secondary purpose of this blog: to create connections with others who want to contribute to game studies at any level. Consider this an open invitation to make this blog your own, whether that means agreeing, expanding, challenging, or modifying any and all ideas discussed in or out of this blog. Ultimately,  this blog is a journey through the field of game studies; however, our final destination, our purpose, is not fixed. Instead, our goal is to continue the expansion and enrichment of this vibrant discourse.

With that said, welcome to the conversation. Welcome to Gamer Babylon!


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