Temporality, Facticity, Freedom, Resoluteness

This post is an explanation of a few key concepts that I mention in other posts, such as Understanding Games. Read that post before this one.

Temporality= Heidegger argues that we can only understand ourselves in the present by referring to our temporal horizons of our existence. Being here and now always presupposes what we have been and what we will be. Being is understood as a project of possibility, not as a determined fact or given actuality. Because we exist in time, we are what we are not. We are no longer (our past) and not yet (our future).

Facticity= Our self-understanding is always limited by certain environmental, cultural, social, psychological or economic conditions, but we are not definitively predetermined by our circumstances because we understand our possibility. We reinterpret our circumstances in the light of future possibilities.

Freedom= We inherit a world that is not of our own making, a world into which we have been thrown, but we remain free to choose how we will reappropriate the meanings of this world for ourselves in order to project them into future possibilities. Beings are what they can be (possibilities).

Resoluteness= By resolving to be different in the future, we alter the meaning of our past acts. We cannot change the facts of our past acts, but we can reinterpret them in different possible ways in the light of our future projects.

Source: Richard Kearney’s work on Heidegger.


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