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How Games “Speak”: Procedural Rhetoric

Ian Bogost’s Persuasive Games is a fairly well known book, and he’s a fairly well known figure in the field of game studies. This book is a lengthy 340+ page tome full of interesting and well-written information. I’m kind of … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Games: a gravity field.

Steven E. Jones’ book, The Meaning of Video Games, regards games as only the central objects in a universe of other objects that in their entirety make up the possible meanings of a game. These other objects can be pretty … Continue reading

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The Magic Circle: Criticisms and variations

disclaimer: I have not read Johan Huizinga’s Homo Ludens: A Study of of the Play Element in Culture. I’ve only read other scholars’ descriptions. However, I still think I know enough to talk about it; trust me, reader =] I … Continue reading

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I’m in the Zone

or zones, as we will divide them. This will be a short but substantial post describing, which ultimately includes simplifying and abstracting, the three types of immersions experienced during game play. I would like to say that immersion is that … Continue reading

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What they taste like

In my last post, I compared different Game Studies approaches to flavors, hence the title of this post, but I’m putting that to rest ( I’m a sucker for bad puns). However, I will build off of that post and … Continue reading

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