Review (or suggestion) of “Lara Croft: Feminist Icon or Cyberbimbo?”

So, I read this awesome article on possible feminists readings of Lara Croft. I’m always reading articles on videogames, and this one really stood out to me, so I highly recommend it. This article takes an exploratory approach to the different responses feminists have had and could have to Lara Croft, and it describes these responses’ strong/ weak/ and contradictory points. One of the author’s arguments is that any kind of textual analysis (in this case, of games in particular) is limited in its usefulness, especially if we ignore other possible interpretations. I must say though, the article tackles a lot of different, interesting ideas, and my brief review of it is pretty reductive, so read the article and see for yourself =]

I found this article extremely appealing because I’m really big on not-defining things, but I recognize that we need to use labels and definitions to function in society; However, this becomes problematic when we stop using terms provisionally and start making truth claims. In other words, when we label something, we have to ignore certain aspects of that “something” that don’t fit inside of our label, which limits our potential for understanding. I find that this is certainly the case for either extreme of feminists readings of Lara Croft. Whether one sees the character as a strong female and potential role-model, or as a derogatory, male-centric representation of women, one should be open to the fact that multiple interpretations are possible and valuable.

Without further ado,

Lara Croft: Feminist Icon or Cyberbimbo?

On the Limits of Textual Analysis


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  1. lara croft says:

    I’m a femme fatal beeotch!

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