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Miscellenous post: 1/ Sociology 2/ Education

So I didn’t post anything this week because life happens, but I did want to share two things I read recently. One was this really cool ethnographic study that was done around 2004 with Ultima Online players. Albeit dated, it’s … Continue reading

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(Video) Game (Music) Studies: I am excite!

So the latest article I’ve come across in my quest to know all about game studies was actually about an academic approach to videogame music. :0 (le gasp) This rocks hardcore for a number of reasons. For one, videogame music … Continue reading

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Freedom in Games

Freedom: what William Wallace fought and died for. It’s a word that is devoid of meaning due to how often it gets thrown around (not that it was ever meaningful in and of itself), and when we talk about freedom … Continue reading

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Conceptualizing Play and Game: Hardcore

I’ve actually discussed the intricacies of defining play and game before, most notably in my post on the magic circle, but I came across and article that really tries to flesh out “the logico-formalistic configurations that as such act as … Continue reading

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