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What The Sims’ Design Can Teach Us About Ourselves

***Many of the concepts discussed in this post are explained more thoroughly in my previous post*** Analyzing the way we design virtual models that somehow mimicĀ  aspects of the “real-world” allows us to identify values and rules that we perceive … Continue reading

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What Playing The Sims Can Teach Us About Ourselves

Games can be considered procedural models in the sense that they are a series of representational objects governed by a set of rules (thank you, Ian). Ok, hold that thought. In my humble opinion, humans understand (just about) everything by … Continue reading

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Game Design + Game Studies= Profit1!!

“We can reflect upon games by making them. Experimental games are a powerful tool for thinking about and communicating ideas about games.” – Chaim Gimgold. This quote reflects Gimgold’s conclusion on his review of Nintendo’s WarioWare Inc.: Mega MicroGame$. What … Continue reading

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Game Studies + Game Design= ???

Several of the articles I’ve recently read have attempted to demonstrate how game studies can be fruitfully applied to the game design process. For better or for worse, right now, game studies’ credibility as a discipline is affected by how … Continue reading

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