Hello, everyone. I’m an English major with a keen interest in video games and no time to play them; tragic, isn’t it? Well, I’m about to graduate soon, so there’s a silver interactive lining to my gray, school oriented cloud. In the mean time, I’ll be exploring and learning about the different aspects of video game culture. In my previous blog, gamerbabel.blogspot.com, I focused on the gamer community at large, but now I’m all about the burgeoning academic discipline of Game Studies. I’m also an avid redditor, and I love other stuff, too. Enjoy the blog and please feel free to participate via comments or messages. I would love to hear from you guys ❤

Your most humbly affectionate,




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  1. Hi There,

    Just thought I’d introduce myself as we’re both game nuts. Just to give you a bit of background about myself. I finished a BA in Creative Writing last year and I’m currently studying towards an MRes (masters of research) in Game Narratology and I’m hoping to start a Phd in September (funding allowing for this.) I’m just starting to try to compile a database of academics with an interest in videogame with a view to starting an online hub at some point in the near future.



  2. Hello! I love the research + gaming aspect of your blog. I just graduated from Boston University with a Business Administration degree. About 3/4 way through the program I decided that I really wanted to focus on computer games. I wrote a paper about Activistion Blizzard for my International Business Management Class. I wanted to follow up with a paper about Blizzards entry into the Chinese market based on a previous paper about CEO and board compensation being linked into foreign market entry modes.

    And I’m kinda geeking out about the papers… Back to the point. I’m looking forward to future posts as this is an interesting academic topic. Are there any professional journals which publish game design or game company related research? It might be a good idea to get one started. Rich’s Database sounds like a great place to start.

    Anyway, I’m also blogging about the project management aspects of game design on my own blog. Maybe we could guest post sometime! I would be happy to provide my paper for a post if there is interest.


    • Alphabet1 says:

      Hey Jeremy,

      that sounds great. I’d love to have you as a guest blogger. I’m looking forward to reading your paper. You can e-mail me at moval001@fiu.edu. And I’d be happy to write a guest post for your blog as well.

      As for Journals, I’ve been reading The Game Studies Journal and the moving pixels blogs at Popmatters.com. I try to keep up with Ian Bogost and Jesper Juul’s blogs, and I haven’t checked out Gamasutra in a while, but that site is good too.

      Thanks for the comment =]

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