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Japan Hiatus

Hey guys, I’m currently studying abroad in Japan and have no time to update my blog. I probably should have written this 3 months ago, when I got here, but I didn’t think I’d be this busy. Thanks for reading … Continue reading

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In Reality, Virtual pt.3; The Feel(s) of Videogames

This is the third post of a five part series that examines the way we experience games and compares these experiences to the traditional concepts of “real” and “virtual.”  Here are links to part 1 and 2. Player interactions with … Continue reading

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In Reality, Virtual pt.2: Re-Modeling Reality

Dear reader, have you ever spent hours reading a book only to find yourself narrating your own actions after you’ve stopped reading? It’s a bizarre phenomenon that I believe can be explained by the concept of virtual models as described … Continue reading

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In Reality, Virtual: why videogames are real-real pt.1

For a while now, I’ve been picking apart the way I, and probably many of you, experience games. As anyone who follows this blog knows, I’ve read a ton of academic literature concerning games of all kinds, but my focus … Continue reading

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Crouch, Aim, Shoot: The Game Mechanics We Take For Granted

To clarify, I’m not implying that some mechanics are more appreciated than others (although this might certainly be the case). What I’m trying to say is that we use “mechanics” (such as crouching, aiming, and shooting) without really understanding what … Continue reading

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What The Sims’ Design Can Teach Us About Ourselves

***Many of the concepts discussed in this post are explained more thoroughly in my previous post*** Analyzing the way we design virtual models that somehow mimic  aspects of the “real-world” allows us to identify values and rules that we perceive … Continue reading

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What Playing The Sims Can Teach Us About Ourselves

Games can be considered procedural models in the sense that they are a series of representational objects governed by a set of rules (thank you, Ian). Ok, hold that thought. In my humble opinion, humans understand (just about) everything by … Continue reading

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